Frequently Asked Questions

$19.95 $9.95 US, which can be paid by credit card or e-check. This is an all-inclusive price.

The overall size of the book is 8 ¼ X 10 ¾. The pages are perforated ¼ inch from the bind edge so the final size, once pulled from the book is 8 X 10 ¾.

All coloring books are 40 pages (20 sheets)

Even better… All pages are perforated so they can be separated from the book and lay flat on your coloring surface.

All Custom Adult Coloring books are printed on heavy 70# opaque offset paper (Equal to #28 Bond). The opacity of this sheet of paper is over 90% so there is very little show through, no matter what you are using to color. In addition, you have the option to have the back side of the coloring pages blank.

No, it’s as simple as ordering a movie or anything else online. There are basically three steps:

Step One: Select a cover. There are a variety of different covers available.
Step Two: Select a common backup page. This can either be blank or one of the various self-mailer back up pages
Step Three: Select 20 coloring images that you would like to have included in your book. It can be 20 different images or the same image 20 times… it doesn’t matter. You can change your mind anytime during the ordering process. The website will keep a running total of how many you chosen. It will not let you choose 21 or 19.

At this point you simply click the create book and you are on your way to the checkout counter.

The coloring books are designed so the pages can be converted into personalized notes and mailed to your friends and loved ones. These notes vary from holiday specific to general greetings. Once you color your page, you can write a note on the reverse side, fold the sheet in thirds and seal with 2 supplied wafer seals, add address and a first class stamp and drop it in the mailbox. These personalized colored notes are much more intimate that a simple store bought card and envelope.

Once you have selected your 20 images, you can click a button and see your book presented online as a very user friendly electronic proof. It is important that you look at this proof, prior to clicking the buy me button. If you see an image that you really don’t want in the proof, simply go back and delete the unwanted image and replace it with the one you want. Look at the proof one more time and click to buy.

NO. All images are protected by copyright laws. If you want multiple copies of the same image, simply add the image multiple times in your book. Doing it this way is not only fair to the artist but also the legal way to do it.

You will have everything you need to get started, the second you open the package. In addition to the custom book that you ordered, you will also receive an 8 Pack of Crayola colored pencils and a sheet of wafer seals for sealing your personalized notes.

More good news, There is no additional charge for postage and handling. All books are packed in a corrugated wrapper and mailed US Media mail. Delivery time varies according to your location. Books are printed at a Midwest location so nowhere in the country is too far away.