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Questions you might have prior to join the Custom Adult Coloring Program as an Illustrator

Any illustrator can sign up to participate in the program. To sign up, simply go to and click on the link that says Attn: Illustrators and follow the instructions from there. The first thing you will be asked to do is to select a nickname. This nickname will be used to identify your illustrations on the website so please keep it simple.

You will be asked to confirm the following terms and conditions when you sign up to participate in the Custom Adult Coloring program.

There is no particular limit on how long an illustrator can participate. This program does not limit the illustrator in any way in using the illustrations in any other program they see fit. Illustrators are free to remove their illustrations at any time with written notice to Westie Press.

There is no fee to participate in the custom adult coloring book program. 

The only time the illustrator will not be paid for the use of their image is during internal quality tests that may be run from time to time by Westie Press

Images should be supplies to Westie Press as 8 ½ X 11 hi res black and white PDFs with a minimum DPI of 300. Live area should be no closer than ½” to any edge. Images will be checked by Westie Press for conformance and may be adjusted slightly by Westie Press to fit.

There is an upload link provided, once you sign up as an illustrator. Any images uploaded are subject to the same terms and conditions as agreed to at the original sign up. Final inclusion of any image into the program is at the sole discretion of Westie Press.

An illustrator is free to remove an image at any time upon written notice to Westie Press.

At this point the only place the images will be used is on

The illustrator always owns the images supplied to Use on the website is a use license covered by the terms and conditions on the website.

The page size of the final coloring book is 8 ½ X 11 and perforates ¼ inch from the bind side of the coloring book. The images should be drawn to fit that general size. The prep department will make simple adjustments to supplied files for more efficient fit.


Illustrators must be 18 years old to participate in the program.

Yes, although Westie Press will have the right to exclude any image for any reason. Always keep in mind that your image is competing with many other images, to be chosen by the end user for inclusion in a Custom coloring book.

The short answer is no although the definition of xxx is always open to debate. Westie Press has the final say on what images are included on the website.

While files as low res as 72DPI are printable, we prefer files be at least 300DPI, to a max of 2100 DPI. The prepress department at Westie Press will adjust images as it sees fit, to achieve maximum print quality.

No. You must certify that you are the owner of the copyright of any image you supply to be included in the program. Friends are welcome but they need to open their own Illustrator account.

Generally images will become live within 72 hours of acceptance. You can keep track of the status by visiting your admin area and looking at the individual images.

Vince Pannullo heads the prepress department. His email is

Use fees are paid monthly between the 10th and 5th of the month, via PayPal

The illustrator is paid $.05 per use. A custom coloring book consists of 20 selected images which are selected by the end user so $1/book is paid out to various illustrators, depending on the number of their images which are selected, An illustrator may earn anywhere from $0 to $1/book, depending on how many of the illustrators images are used.

All illustrators will be paid via PayPal in US dollars. It is the sole responsibility of the illustrator to open and maintain their PayPal account. You can open a PayPal account by visiting

Yes (Details to come)

Yes, you will receive an email if an illustration is not used, along with an explanation of why it was not used.

Your image will only be used under the limited license you grant via the acceptance of the terms and conditions. Should there be a request for any other use, you will be contacted and a separate agreement will be offered. The illustrator has the right to deny any request for any use other than that which is set out in the agreement.

All coloring books are crested in a custom manner, there is no way to obtain additional copies other than at the time of the original sale.

Your illustrations will be made available as long as you want them to be...

When originally submitted, Westie Press will assign categories to the illustration. There are no guarantees of actual placement within the category. The primary marketing goal of the website is allow a user create a custom coloring book, consisting of the most desirable images to fit their tastes in the shortest period of time. is owned and operated by:
Westie Press, Inc. a Delaware Corporation located at
26616 Pepperidge Cove 
Millsboro, DE 19966
Fed ID#

This question can be best answered by your accountant or tax attorney. The illustrator will supply Westie Press the appropriate tax information prior to any of the illustrators images are made available for use in the custom coloring book program. The illustrator can track their earnings in their personal service area. It is totally the illustrators responsibility to pay whatever taxes that are owed to their appropriate taxing authority. 1099s will be issued to illustrators who have earned in excess of $600 US. Copies of these will also be filed with the US Internal Revenue Service.

Your illustrations will be identified on the front end of the website by the nickname you select when you originally sign up to be a contributor. In addition, you can add personal copyright data to all of your images using the downloadable page layout template. (Click here to download template) Westie Press, Inc. has no rights to your illustration other than those granted by your agreement with the Terms and Conditions when you original set up your account.

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Payment Info

Terms and Conditions


This is an image use agreement between Westie Press, Inc., a Delaware Corporation (WP), operating through the website (CAC), and you, an Illustrator or authorized agent (“you”).

WP is in the business of producing and selling custom adult coloring books through CAC. These custom coloring books consist of 20 coloring book pages and one common “backer” page that prints on the back of the 20 coloring book pages. All pages are selected by the end user. These pages are created from images which are supplied by various illustrators, including you.

This Independent Illustrator Agreement is intended to supplement the otherwise binding general Terms and Conditions. In the event a term of this Agreement conflicts with the general Terms and Conditions, the terms of this Agreement shall control.


Image – means an image is the electronic version of an original piece of art, created by you. Images will be supplied to WP as hi-resolution jpeg or PFD, suitable for printing. Once an image is transmitted to WP, and is approved by WP, the images will be indexed and added to the CAC database and made available for inclusion in Custom Adult Coloring books. You should always keep a copy of any image supplied to WP and should NEVER send original images.

Impression – means an impression is a single printed copy of an image. It is the unit of measure that will be used in calculating use feesyou earn.. In the standard 40-page coloring book, there are 20 images where use fees will be calculated. Which images are included in each coloring book is determined by the end user. One printed copy of a coloring book includes 20 impressions (one of each included image).


By submitting an image to WP, you grant WP the non-exclusive right to offer printing of these supplied images to the general public in the form of custom coloring books. Additionally, by submitting an image to the CAC database you certify each of the following: (1) you have the right to enter into this agreement; (2) you have they have the right to offer for printing any images supplied to WP; and (3) you are of the age of majority in the state in which you reside.

You may submit images, suitable for commercial printing, to WP. WP has the right to accept or reject any submitted image for any reason. Once an image is accepted into the CAC database, WP will include the image on CAC and offer the image to the general public for inclusion in a printed coloring book. The position of the image on CAC will be at the sole discretion of WP. Additionally, you grant WP the right to use the images anywhere on CAC or in advertising; electronic or printed. No use fees will be paid on advertising copies or copies displayed on CAC. You can remove any supplied image from the CAC database, upon written notice to WP. WP will not use your images for any purpose other then what is specified in this agreement.

You will be paid a use fee of $.05 per impression, every time an impression is printed in a custom coloring book. If multiple images are used in a book (up to the full 20), $.05 will be paid for each impression of these images(e.g.,if an end user selects10 of your images for inclusion in a coloring book, the use fee paid to you would be $.05 X 10, or $.50). If an end user does not select one of your images, you will not be paid anything. An image can appear multiple times within a book, and multiple copies of a book may be ordered. If multiple copies are purchased, it is the number of impressions that defines the use fee paid to you (e.g., if an end user selects10 of your images and the end user prints 2 copies, then the total impressions is 20, so the use fee paid would be 20 x $.05, or $1.00).

WP will pay you all earned use fees on a monthly basis via Paypal, to your PayPal account. Payment will be paid in US dollars. You will be assigned a unique admin page where you can view a listing of all images being offered by you, as well as your monthly sales. As an independent contractor, you are entirely responsible for any and all tax payment and disclosure requirements concerning those fees paid to you.

WP will store all images on a secure server and make best efforts to protect your images from unauthorized use, including but not limited to, placing a watermark all web images. While WP will use best practices to protect the electronic image, there are simply some things that cannot be guaranteed. Thus, WP makes no guarantee that your designs will not be used by others in an unauthorized manner. Should WP learn that any of your images are being used in an unauthorized manner, WP will notify you immediately.