About Custom Adult Coloring

Custom Adult Coloring evolved from a simple question, “What do you want for Christmas?” The answer was always, “I don’t really need anything… don’t spend too much money”. Christmas 2015 started with the same question, only this time I received a very surprising answer. The answer this year was “I want some adult coloring books, I hear that they are supposed to relax me”.

Having been in an internet based business for the past 20 years and the printing and publishing business for the past 40 years, the wheels in my head started turning almost immediately. A quick google search yielded quite a few adult coloring books of which most were independently published. Unlike the children’s coloring books, the adult books appeared to be of significantly higher quality and a retail price reflecting the lower quantities printed by Independent publishers.

While the idea of publishing adult coloring books was simple enough, the realities of independent publishing were sobering. If starting a publishing company was going to go beyond the daydream stage, we needed an idea. An idea that would make our product so unique, it would stand out in the crowd and be irresistible to the coloring public.

We believe with Custom Adult Coloring, we have such a product. With Custom Adult Coloring, the buyer chooses from a database of hundreds of images, exactly what pages are included in their coloring book. There are no wasted pages. The book consists of 20 individual full page images with the option to create self-mailing greeting cards if you want. The pages are printed on a 70# hi-quality, quite opaque, bright white paper. All pages are perforated so they are easily removed from the book. The printed product is first class all the way.

As a bonus . . . a set of Crayola colored pencils is included as well as shipping costs . . . your $19.95 book costs . . . $19.95. Whether the coloring book is for you or a gift for a relative or friend, you are only a few clicks away from the most unique coloring book you are ever going to see.

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